About Us

Let me tell you about my mother!

She is the muse and the inspiration for this vision!

My mother loves being fashionable, adores jewellery and she is always expressing her bold character and her individuality through her accessories always making a statement.

She is shy, she is the centre of attention, she is a star, she is modern, she is casual, she is classy, she is trendy, she is rock, she is pop, she is bold, she is sparkly, she is passionate she is everything every woman is and she chooses her jewellery accordingly!

I envisioned and created this store as an homage to her beauty, personality, spirit and taste!

Terbos Jewellery is a place that she and any other woman of any age, any style, any colour will find something to cheer her up, make her look and most importantly feel beautiful! Something that will pamper her, that will make her day better, that will make her feel special!

Hey dad, are you listening?

I am Yiannis, the founder of Terbos Jewellery and I sincerely thank you being here today!

We will do our best to provide value to you any way we can!