How To Claim For Your Lost/Delayed/Damaged Delivery

In the unfortunate event that your order has been either misplaced and therefore has not been delivered in time or has been delivered damaged please follow the guide below to claim for your order: 

Notes Before Reading The Guide:

1. Royal Mail considers a parcel lost or delayed and you can claim against it only after 10 business days past it's due delivery date. For more information visit Claim For Loss Terms & Conditions here.
2. After we post your order to Royal Mail, we are not liable for and delayed, lost or damaged delivery and therefore we will not be able to send you a replacement of your order, issue a refund, or claim for your loss. This is our customer's, as individuals, responsibility.
3. If you need a replacement of your order, you will need to place another order from our store. We recommend to choose a Tracked or Signed For delivery service for your peace of mind.

Step 1

Call your local post office and ask if there is a parcel with your name and postcode not delivered. If you have not purchased a Tracked or Signed For service it will be difficult for the Post Office workers to help you.

Step 2

Call Royal Mail's Customer Service Number: 03457740740 to make an inquiry about your parcel.

Step 3

Visit the official Royal Mail Claim Center Page here. and complete the form to claim for your loss.

If you need any help with the process please email us at with title/subject HELP WITH CLAIM - [Your order number], describe your issue in the body and we will do our best to assist you.