The Business Model That Offers The Greatest Value To You!

Terbos Jewellery vs. a traditional jewellery brand

Until now you were not getting real value for your money...

Terbos Jewellery offers beautifully crafted jewellery showcasing the very best metals and stones in the world. So far so good…until you see the price.

This is where it starts to get interesting. Because the value we offer is as breathtaking as the sparkle. In fact, you would typically expect to pay twice the amount and more for the same levels of quality elsewhere.

Too good to be true? Should you be suspicious? Cynical? Not when you discover how we do it.

Made-to-order sparkle

First of all there are no eye-watering markups. It’s no secret that when you buy from certain luxury brands, you’re paying as much for the cachet of the name as for anything else.

Then there’s the way we do business. Terbos Jewellery is a contemporary jewellery brand for the modern era. We offer our collection directly to you online, which means you aren’t contributing to any glitzy showrooms. Nor are you subsidising long-term leases on the kind of streets you try to buy when (or if) you play Monopoly.

And before we forget, it also means there is no room for the infamous middlemen and their cut.

Passionate about jewellery and our world

Every single piece of our jewellery is crafted made-to-order by our highly skilled and passionate about the environment artisans.

This not only lets us produce beautiful pieces but not holding any inventory is helping to keep costs to a minimum.

So no, our value isn’t too good to be true. It is simply the result of  youthful and passionate  craftsmanship, with always in mind the joy of our customers and our ecological footprint. This is the world of jewellery and shopping the way it should be – the way you should enjoy it.

More beauty, more quality, more value? What a brilliant idea.